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Fox News: Hottest Food Trends in 2019

Mission Meats endorsed by celebrity trainer, nutritionist, wellness expert, and author, Sima Cohen.

Interview with co-founder Peter Awad about the challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur, and the importance of doing work that makes an impact.

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Podcast host Brandon Turner gives Mission Meats and its products a "tasty" shout-out on the #1 Real Estate site in the world!

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Healthy meat snacks with a mission to match.

See how we provide good food and help foster positive relationships to ourselves, each other, and nature.

  • Feed your body.

    When you purchase our paleo (and Keto) friendly Mission Meats snacks, you are making a healthy choice to fuel your body. Our tasty beef snacks are made with 100% grass-fed and grass finished animals. It's the ultimate protein snack!  


  • The bigger the team, the bigger the impact.

    You may not know you’re impacting the world when you buy our products. You may just want a delicious, healthy grass-fed beef snack—and that’s ok, we’re cool with that—but we need to tell you that you are also making the world a better place with every snack you buy.


  • What's inside the snacks?

    Our tasty, super-clean beef snacks are made with 100% grass-fed and finished, pasture raised, animals—the ultimate protein snack. They power you without sugar, dextrose fillers, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, MSG or gluten.