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5 Ideas for a Healthy Keto Breakfast

5 Ideas for a Healthy Keto Breakfast

Let's be honest — when we think of breakfast, we think bagels, pancakes, waffles, and all manner of sweet, carby treats.

But when on a keto diet, these are not exactly what you would call “kosher.”

A ketogenic diet involves depriving your body of its primary energy source, carbohydrates.

Keto Fast Food: Sensible or Silly?

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The mention of “keto” and “fast food” in the same sentence sounds silly because keto is often related to being on a diet, and most dieters are encouraged to avoid fast foods.

But, just maybe, keto fast food is a sensible idea for the dieters — fast foods contain high amounts of fat, increasing the likelihood of meeting your daily fat requirement.



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