Posted by Adrian Brambila

Mission Meats is proud to announce it's newest mission partner: Bon Zeb (It mean's Good Grass in Haitian Kreyol)

Why do we love Bon Zeb?

Bon Zeb has developed a really cool way of manufacturing charcoal from grass instead of wood.

Why is grass charcoal so cool?

In Haiti, charcoal is the primary fuel for cooking and is typically made from trees. Over the years, the need for cooking fuel has led to the almost complete deforestation of the Haitian countryside.  Deforestation leads to soil erosion and other ecological problems.  Using grass as the main feedstock for charcoal production provides three tremendous benefits: 1) Grass based charcoal burns cleaner and hotter than it's wood counterpart 2) Grass provides many of the same benefits as tree cover in terms of soil erosion and ecological sustainability 3) Manufacturing charcoal provides economic benefits through job creation at the manufacturing sight and on the farm.